Creative Edge Company
Creative Edge Company

Affordable prices

Being a small company allows us to charge low prices. Most projects are assessed at 40/hr, but we give you a flat quote for each project based on a number of factors. As Web sites vary in complexity, size and content, so do their prices.

We work with 
any budget and will make every effort to maximize your dollars spent On average, a minor Web site will usually run between $700-$1200. A major Web site can run from $2000+. We will only sell you the components you truly need to make your on-line presence the most effective form of communication possible with the resources given to us.

Not every Web site needs to be e-commerce, built using animation or have every bell and whistle out there. Please be careful and leary when pricing out Web site work from companies that try and sell you items you do not want or are unfamiliar with. Chances are, you do not need them. We encourage you to interview more than one designer if you are approached with this type of sales approach.

Web site design involves numerous factors that must be accounted for before an accurate price can be quoted. We do only custom work, no templates are used. Because of this, please contact us to set up a no-obligation meeting so that we can give you an accurate quote.

Our policy has always been that we will match prices from our competitors for the same quality and scope of work and we are pleased to say that we have yet had to. Please remember that it takes money to make money, be reasonable in your expectations and we will make every effort to give you the most for your dollars spent.